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Garage door remote controls JANE JV 200-4

gate-remote-JANE-JV-2004.jpegThe company JANE Inc. is specialized in the manufacture of remote controls for garage doors and offers a range of quality remote controls. There are different criteria that you need to pay attention when you choose the JANE remote, the frequency, the number of buttons or the color of the casing.

We present here the main characteristics of the remote JANE JV 200-4.

The characteristics of the remote JANE JV 200-4


The remote control JANE JV 200-4 allows you to create a copy of your original remote control. Thanks to the 4 buttons and the multi-frequency, you can register up to four different remotes with different frequencies on the one JANE remote.

The remote control JANE JV 200-4 replaces various different remote models for garage doors. The remote learns the signal by copying back to back with an original remote control. The JANE JV 200-4 is powered by a 12V battery (23A).

How the JANE JV 200-4 must be programmed

The programming of the remote control JANE JV 200-4 is simple and fast to perform. You do not need any additional tools.

First, take your new JV JANE 200-4 remote control and the original remote control, which must work 100%. Then place the remotes side by side. Press and hold the top two buttons of the new remote. The LED lights up and then starts flashing. If the light is flashing, release the buttons.

Select the button to be on the new remote control of the programming, press the button and hold it down. Then press and hold the button, which should be copied, on the old remote control. The LED of the new remote control will light up and then goes off. You can release the buttons on both remotes.


The programming is now complete. Repeat this process for any other buttons on the new JANE buttons.

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