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Features of the remote control Marantec D302-868

télécommande Marantec D302-868.pngMarienfelder Antriebstechnik abbreviated Marantec is a German company that manufactures since 1960 controllers, remote controls and motors for garage doors. Marantec uses techniques from the car industry.


The properties of the remote control Marantec D302-868

The remote of Marantec from the same series are designed equal. That what makes the different is the number of channels and the frequency. The remote control Marantec D302-868 has a case of gray and black plastic and has 2 buttons. Its dimensions are 72x17x39 mm.

The frequency is 868.3 MHz and it works with CR2032 batteries. Programming is done by registering at the receiver or by copying the signal from remote to remote. A manual comes with the remote controls, so that programming is very simple.

How is the remote control Marantec D302-868 programmed?

The programming of the fob can be carried out in two ways: if you still have an old working remote, copy the signal from one remote to another or if you do not have an working remote left, register the new one directly at the receiver. In the first method, connect the two remotes with the supplied copy adapter. Now press the button of the old fob to be copied and keep it pressed.

Then press the same button on the new fob. The LED flashes and then lights up permanently. Release the buttons. Perform the same steps for the second button. After 10 seconds, the new remote control Marantec D302-868 is programmed.

For the second method press the P button on the engine several times until the LED no. 7 flashes. Now press the button on the remote control and the LED on the motor flashes quickly. Release the button, wait 10 seconds and the remote is programmed.

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