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Who is Grundig?

grundig.jpgGrundig is one of the major European companies which influenced the technical development of the last century. Once part of Philips, Grundig now is an independent brand, whose seat is located in Nuremberg Germany. If this brand is so familiar to us that is mainly due to their televisions. But do we really know the brand? Who is Grundig? What products do this brand sells?

The history of Grundig

The company was formed shortly after World War II. 1946 in Germany. At the time, radios were in the first place to get information and to hear music. Max Grundig, the founder of the company, developed the Heinzelmann, a radio kit with very great success. The company subsequently developed a number of portable radios. In the 50s, Grundig become the world leader in radio. Always open for innovations and new developments, Grundig is one of the first manufacturers of TVs. Also known products are cassette players and Dictaphones and step by step they offered the full range of hi-fi and multimedia devices. Today, the company has established itself as one of the leading companies in this market and is synonymous for tradition and innovation.

The Grundig TV


Grundig has always been a company that pioneered the development of television. The brand offers a variety of televisions, from the small device to the huge LED TV sets. The models of the series FINE ARTS are top class products, with sophisticated design and unparalleled high definition picture quality. You will also find a whole range of Full HD devices correspond to your needs. Awarded for its innovative design, Grundig today offers the highest quality with modern design and best image quality.

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