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Properties of BFT Mitto 2M keyfob

telecommande-bft-mitto-2m.jpgBFT products are created for all residential customers who own a garage door or yard gate. Open the and close your door automatically with a BFT motor is choosing good quality.

The BFT brand is a leader for accessories and spare parts for engines and has been present for over 35 years worldwide. The brand uses many remote controls models and references to control their motors. So you have to be careful by choosing the right model.


The properties of the hand transmitter BFT Mitto 2M

The BFT remote Mitto 2M is equipped with a rolling code and it must be stored directly on the recipient of your garage. It can control your BFT engine. Easy to use and with ideal dimensions, it has two functions to control up to two engines.

Based on the 433.92Mhz frequency, is the Mitto 2 is an ideal model to control your garage door by distance. It is supplied with a 12V battery.

How to program the remote control BFT Mitto 2M

A remote control is the indispensable accessory for your garage door. The best-selling model from BFT in Europe is the BFT Mitto 2M. It can be programmed in a short time. Just open the cover of the receiver and press the SW1 programming button and an LED flashes.

Then press the hidden button of new Mitto 2M until the LED on the receiver lights constantly. Then press the button 1 of the remote control, until the LED flashes on the receiver and then turns off. Your remote control is now programmed and synchronized with your receiver. To program the second channel on the receiver, simply press the Set button SW2 and the second button of the new remote.


Features of the remote Doitrand TS2DE

Doitrand is a French brand in the field of motorization and automation of gates and garage doors. The brand produces, installs and provides since more than ten years, automatic and manual overhead doors. In this area Doitrand has as target private customers or community facilities. The company works closely with other merchants for Automation producing accessories like remote controls.

The features of the remote Doitrand TS2DE


The remote control Doitrand TS2DE is used exclusively for gates and garage doors. Finally you don’t have to open and close the door manually, which takes too long and offers no security for your garage. The remote of the brand Doitrand saves you time.

Simply press the button and point to the gate, and you no longer have to get out of the car to open your garage door. Currently this remote control replaces older models like the SIMINOR 433-S9, the Doitrand MPSTF2E, the PRASTEL MPSTF2E Yellow and TS2DE Old.

How to program the remote Doitrand TS2DE

It is not difficult to program the remote control Doitrand TS2DE. Equipped with two yellow buttons and batteries of the type CR2016, a frequency of 433.92 MHz and normal dimensions of 67 * 38 * 10mm, the remote is ergonomically.

The remote control works with a Doitrand receiver, which is mounted at the gate. When you press a button on the remote, you will hear a beep tone at the receiver to acknowledge the receipt of the signal. The gate opens or closes now. If one of your accessories is broken, the connection can’t be established and the engine cannot be activated. In this case, visit remotecontrol-express.com to find spare parts for your remote control Doitrand.