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The remote controls for gates Genius

Genius is an Italian brand that specializes in the mechanization and automation of gates, garage doors, industrial doors and barriers. For more than 40 years the company has developed solutions to control the systems and make them more practical and efficient for customers.

The remote control for gates Genius

The Genius remote controls for gates are characterized by the ease of use, thanks to the classic form. They have 2.3 or 4 buttons and allow you to open or close the door by simply pressing a button. A garage from Genius will only work with original remote controls of the brand Genius, which is planned for the system. Therefore, be sure to choose the right product for your system, so it is compatible with your system and can function.

The remote control GENIUS TE433H BLUE works on a frequency of 433.92 MHz. It has 4 buttons and is initialized by registering it at the receiver. It is powered by 12 volts (23 A) batteries. Its small dimensions of 60x15x45 mm are easy to handle.

How to program the remote from Genius?

Genius.pngThe remotes from Genius are easy to program. Take for example the remote control GENIUS ECHO TX4, which must be registered directly on the receiver. For this you open the cover of the engine and then press the programming button on the receiver board. Release the button.

Now, while the LED on the receiver is lit, you press a button on the new remote control for your Genius gate until the LED flashes on the receiver. Now you release the button. The LED will stay lit again and then go off. Your new remote control is programmed. You can also program the new Genius remote control with the help of an already programmed remote from Genius of the same type. Simply follow the instructions.


Motorization for swing gates - Nice

nice_inti2b.jpgNice is a very well-known brand in the field of engines for gates, shutters, swing-gates and garage doors ... The brand was founded in 1993 and their aim is to make the control of house installations as easy as possible.

Among the products are remote controls for gates of NICE or the well-known solar kits that allow you to supply your gate motor with solar power. The brand was able to establish itself very quick on the market, because their products are durable and have high quality standards and meet all European regulations.

Motorization for swing gates - Nice: the products

Swing gates are very practical: the Nice brand offers various solutions for the motorization to the opening of doors, depending on the available space, the dimensions and weight of the doors and the style of the entrance.

Among the solutions there are the completely submerged and therefore invisible motors: this is particularly suitable for entrance areas to be designed elegant and discreet. It is also possible to open a pedestrian door with a motor arm. In the case of very robust gates the motors can be used with threaded drive. This is another variant that is offered by Nice. Thus, you clearly understand that the choice of the appropriate remote control Nice is very important.

The remote control Nice FLO2

The remotes Nice FLO2 are very handy for gates. The fobs from Nice are not compatible with all gates: to be sure to choose the correct model, check the technical details of the remote and the programming method. Note that the remote control Nice FLO2 (switch) is only compatible with the models Nice FLO1 and FLO4.


The remote controls for doors Extel

Extel provides remote controls for garage doors at very reasonable prices. The transmitters are easy to use. Various models are available on our website. By clicking on the link below you will find a preview.

The remote controls for doors from Extel on remotecontrol-Express!

To find the remote control that fits your system, simply enter on our website, the data (number and color of the buttons + frequency). If you do not know this information, choose "unknown" for the number of buttons and frequency and "all" for the color of buttons.

Select the brand Extel to get all available EXTEL remotes on our website. For example, the remote control EXTEL 141-1, with its small housing (66 x 13 x 38 mm), only one button, a frequency of 30.875 MHz and a 12V battery. Our website also offers the appropriate Programming Guide.

Programming the remote control Extel

2015-06-10_181647.pngThe guide on our website allows you to use all functions on the new fob and shows you how to set it correctly and thereby benefit from the product fully. It is clearly and simply described step by step, how your remote must be programmed. Suppose the remote control Extel ATEM 5. Move the cursor S1 to the position PROG and press the button P1 on the receiver for about 2 seconds.

The red LED 1 flashes slowly and then goes out when you release P1. Now on the new remote control, press the button you want to program until the LED1 lights up again. Then the remote is programmed. For each remote model is a PDF available with instructions and hints from other customers. Our customer service is open for questions and assistance. We are available from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. You can also send us an e-mail. The delivery time is 48 hours and is free of charge, when you purchase 2 remote controls or more.


Remote Control MHOUSE GTX4

To open or close your automatic gate by distance, opt for the remote control model MHOUSE GTX4. Note that the model GTX4 is only compatible with engine systems of the brand MHOUSE and MOOVO.

What are the characteristics of the remote MHOUSE GTX4?

Mhouse.pngThe frequency of the remote MHOUSE GTX4 is 433.920 MHz and the model has 4 keys. The product will be shipped within 48 hours after reception of the payment. The delivered product comes with a wall bracket and suitable batteries.

The 4 buttons remotes can be used for gate systems and also for garage door automation, shutters, etc. The warranty is 3 years and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, the return and immediate refund is possible within the return period.

How to program the new remote control MHOUSE GTX4?

The remote MHOUSE is easy to program, without further technical tools. You only have to press a few buttons on the remote control. To register the new remote control, press for 5 seconds the button T1 of the new remote and let it go. For programming with a already programmed remote, press slowly 3 times button T1. That is, press 1 second, release 1 second and this 3 times. Before testing your new remote control, press one second T1 button on the new transmitter, release and wait 10 seconds.

For gate motor of MHOUSE registering a new remote control must be done on the receiver board. Depending on whether the complete opening or partial opening of the gate is required, it must be stored differently. For the full opening of the gate, press the P1 button once on the electronic control board of the engine, so that the associated LED flashes slowly.

If the partial opening is to be programmed, press 2 times the P1 button on the board so that the appropriate LED flashes slowly 2 times. Then press a button on the remote control which is to be used for this function. As a test, press any button on the new remote for 5 seconds. If the LED on the board slowly flashes 3 times, the programming was successful.


Features of the remote control Marantec D302-868

télécommande Marantec D302-868.pngMarienfelder Antriebstechnik abbreviated Marantec is a German company that manufactures since 1960 controllers, remote controls and motors for garage doors. Marantec uses techniques from the car industry.


The properties of the remote control Marantec D302-868

The remote of Marantec from the same series are designed equal. That what makes the different is the number of channels and the frequency. The remote control Marantec D302-868 has a case of gray and black plastic and has 2 buttons. Its dimensions are 72x17x39 mm.

The frequency is 868.3 MHz and it works with CR2032 batteries. Programming is done by registering at the receiver or by copying the signal from remote to remote. A manual comes with the remote controls, so that programming is very simple.

How is the remote control Marantec D302-868 programmed?

The programming of the fob can be carried out in two ways: if you still have an old working remote, copy the signal from one remote to another or if you do not have an working remote left, register the new one directly at the receiver. In the first method, connect the two remotes with the supplied copy adapter. Now press the button of the old fob to be copied and keep it pressed.

Then press the same button on the new fob. The LED flashes and then lights up permanently. Release the buttons. Perform the same steps for the second button. After 10 seconds, the new remote control Marantec D302-868 is programmed.

For the second method press the P button on the engine several times until the LED no. 7 flashes. Now press the button on the remote control and the LED on the motor flashes quickly. Release the button, wait 10 seconds and the remote is programmed.


Features of the remote Berner BHS140

Berner.pngThe Berner brand was founded by German entrepreneur Albert Berner. The company specializes in the sale of industrial supplies and tools. After five successful decades, the brand has developed by selling remote controls for gates and electronic tools.




The features of the remote control Berner BHS140

The Berner remote BHS140 is intended for doors. Reliable and robust, with its small dimensions of 70x15x40 mm and a nice design in black and gray, the fob is easy to use. Its LED is blue. The integrated code system prevents to clone the remote. The remote control works with CR2032 batteries.

It is ideal to control your gate. The transmission frequency is 868.3 MHz. The use of this fob guarantees high security at the door controller. The Berner BHS140 accompanies you everywhere and saves time when you open the door system.

How do you program the remote control Berner BHS140

To program the remote controls Berner you need to use only the 4 keys. With a pointed object press the programming button P1 on your new remote control (for BHS 110 you must use the housing of the remote control to open). The LED flashes. In the next 4 seconds, press on your new remote control button you want to program. Hold it.

The diode fixed enlightened. While holding the button, you are approaching the already programmed fob and the new remote head to head, so they only 5 mm apart. Press the same button on the already programmed fob. The LED goes out. Release the buttons. Repeat the procedure for each button you want to program. Your new remote control is programmed.

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