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Samsung's secrets: innovation and design

samsung.jpgThe company Samsung is without any doubt a major player in the electronics sector. It is a leader in many activities, especially in electronics for a wide audience.

Innovation from Samsung

Samsung believes a lot in technology and science. This belief allows considerable progress. Research and development are the key words, 10% of their revenues are spent on development. Samsung innovates all electrical appliances and all information technologies. The goal is to push the consumer to choose this brand over another. Innovation therefore requires communication. So, Samsung has expanded its universe to that of appliances, television (for example samsung remote control), telephone, but also to that of products dedicated to data storage such as SSD memory, optical drives and hard drives of course. The Cloud is an innovation whose position and investment is satisfaction. This data is no doubt essential from the point of view of customers.


The design according to Samsung


Samsung has a focus on aesthetics. Therefore, the products must be beautiful and possess very thoughtful design. All the electrical appliances and computers are designed in brushed metal. Each of them has a very nice design. Even the interior of the objects has a thoughtful design. There are a few years; some brands were considered professional and other personal. Now, the pace of life of the consumer causes that he takes his devices to the office and even his professional tools at home. Thus, Samsung decided to create a design capable of embracing each universe. Therefore, there is no longer any limit to the Samsung design. Indeed, buyers are investing in these technologies while seeking to ensure that the Samsung brand will still be able to meet their expectations in several years, and especially that the manufacturer can give them a vision on trends in coming years. Samsung is in constant research and development for aesthetics and perfectionism.


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