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The TV from Schaub Lorenz

Schaub-Lorenz.jpgThe history of Schaub Lorenz begins in 1880 in Berlin. The company specialized first in the field of electric lighting and later the founders focused on radio and video materials. With the progress of electronics, articles are added to the product range, so that the clientele grew steadily. Schaub Lorenz evolved with time.

The Schaub Lorenz TV

The brand reputation is high. The TV Sets from Schaub Lorenz are known for their durability. Over the years, more and more developed, these devices are manufactured in the old spirit: the satisfaction of the customer is prior and meet modern technical requirements. Currently Schaub Lorenz offers various types of television DVD combos, LED TVs of all sizes and with all desirable connections. USB ports and HDMI inputs can be found on TVs or devices available with hotel mode. The Schaub Lorenz TV is also compatible with gaming consoles. So if you belong to the player community, you benefit from excellent image quality. You got the choice between all the different TV series, all modern and with nice design.

Why a Schaub Lorenz TV?


You may be reluctant to buy a TV Schaub Lorenz, of a brand which is not well known. The products are nevertheless just as powerful and got high quality as all other major brands, if not more. More than a century of experience for Schaub Lorenz is an important factor. The devices are simple to use. Now if you need spare parts for your appliance, this is not a problem. Those who have bought a device could benefit years from their devices, without loss of quality in picture or sound. This producer from Germany has always been considered as one of the best in its field. As such, he used only the newest technology in the construction of his TVs. They last very long, which amazes the competitors and the purchase of such a unit of highest quality safe.


Motorize your garage door with Marantec

marantec.jpgEach time getting out of the car to open the garage door can be annoying very quickly, especially when it rains. Therefore, the logical reflex is to install a motor that operates the garage door or gate quickly and easily.

The different engines from Marantec

The remote controls from the brand Marantec are available in different models and there are two different methods to program them. The first option is the mini coding switch that you can find on your receiver and transmitter. The first one is coding with switches. They simply must be placed in the same position as on the receiver or old remote. The second programming method is via a supplied adapter. A new remote control is connected to a programmed remote and the signal is transferred from one to another. The programming process is not difficult. Follow the instructions supplied with it.

The Series Comfort 200, the classical solution for the motorization

These drives are the most typical of the brand Marantec and are extremely practical and efficient. They are equipped with a built-in energy saving mode and a lighting by LEDs, the drives are very economical. The remote controls are included and are allowing controlling the motor via distance and out of the car. A further advantage is the integrated system for detecting obstacles. Once your door encounters an obstacle, it will go in the inverse direction. To offer more security, the drives are running at a fast speed, 160 mm / sec, so that the door closes quickly. Against power failure, a battery can be connected with it, which thus supplies the engine in case of emergency.


You are looking for an effective solution to use your garage door automatically? The remote controls by Marantec are here to help you very much. They offer security and are easy to use.


How do I program my remote control FAAC XT2 868 SLH ?

LOGO_FAAC.jpgThe FAAC brand is developing since 1965 solutions for the motorization of industrial gates, community garages and private gates. The brand offers a variety of products which will allow controlling the access for pedestrians and cars. The goal of FAAC it is to create safe and durable door opening systems. Therefore, FAAC offers a wide range of technically advanced products.

How to program a remote control FAAC XT2 868 SLH?

The programming process for this remote is very simple. Just click both buttons on a programmed remote to go into programming mode. Then hold the new FAAC remote next to the Old and press and hold the button to be programmed. Following these simple steps, the LED will flash three times. Your button on the new remote is registered! Repeat the process for each additional button you want to program! This programming is simple and effective and makes it easier for you. So you can combine different functions on a single remote.

Properties of the remote control FAAC XT2 868 SLH


This Faac remote control allows you to control the engine of the sun shades, of the door, the garage door, roller shutter or swing door, quite easy by distance. Thus, you can control all units with a single remote. The dimensions of the remote control (63 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm) allow a good handling. This remote runs on the frequency of 868.35 MHz and it is self-learning. The battery type of the transmitter is the CR2032. You benefit from a warranty of 1 year and of course batteries and instructions are included in the delivery. The method of programming of this remote has been designed for an easy and intuitive programming. You do not need any additional materials.


Eugene Polley, inventor of the remote control

eugene-polley.jpgThe remote control has become an integral part of our life, an irreplaceable object of our everyday life, which often enough you have to search for! But do you know who invented it and when?

The inventor of the remote control is Eugene Theodore Polley and he was a US American engineer, born in 1915 and died in 2012. He grew up in Chicago; he stopped university because his parents did not have the financial means to support his studies. He hired as a messenger boy at Zenith Radio Corporation with 20 years. There he quickly impressed his employers as a talented engineer and inventor. During the 2nd World War, he did his military service at the front and was able to expand his knowledge as a radar technician there. Back from the war and at his old company, Zenith, they quickly ordered him to develop a simple solution to control the new star in the household: the TV!

The remote control is his most famous invention, but he has logged 18 different patents during his career. Including such innovative inventions (which have become commonplace in our everyday life) such as the radio and the video CD (ancestors of the DVD).


On the way to develop the remote control, Eugene Polley put on light-sensitive modules in all 4 corners of the TV screen. The first model, the Flash-Matic, allowed controlling the switching on and off, turn the sound on and turn off and switch channels. The Flash-Matic was a success, despite some weaknesses: the remote was big, heavy, and the channel change was random when the TV was exposed to sunlight. A year later his invention was improved by a colleague of Eugene Polley, Robert Adler, he developed the system of today's remote control: the Zenith Space Command is born! This model had no battery and worked on ultrasound, produced mechanically with small hammers, what it made more manageable. A real change of behavior in living room set in, which lasted into the 80s, where the infrared remote controls showed up. Eugene Polley never considered his invention as outstanding, but it has affected all our relation to the television.


The Toshiba TV


As one of the leading Japanese companies Toshiba is a specialist in manufacturing electronic appliances and computer hardware. Thanks to its decades of experience, the brand Toshiba offers a variety of innovative products and televisions.


Known for its high quality standard for all the different models, the Toshiba offer a wide selection of televisions. The LCD televisions, available in various sizes and models, are sophisticated, powerful and consume little energy. The LED models offer you a clear and sharp image. If you opt for the current 3D models, you will enjoy using them. Most of the current small screen models from Toshiba are equipped with full HD and offer high resolution so that the images run razor sharp and fluid, and you can take full advantage of your programs. Equipped with a Cevo Engine processor, the Toshiba TV is delivering the most excellent images. The combination of 3D and Full HD technology let you experience exceptional moments. The unique design of the TV gives your room an elegant touch. With Smart TV, you can simultaneously talk via the TV with your friends and watch the television program. The WiFi functions allow you to log on to the Internet and use all the functions ... The navigation of the TV with the Toshiba remote control is simple. The screen size varies between 19 inches and 55 inches.

The Toshiba Remote Controls


A Toshiba TV remote control requires no programming or installation to function. It is sufficient to put in the batteries and it is ready for use. If you have lost your original remote control, you can buy a replacement remote for your TV. This can control all functions of the original remote control, but can also be used on other devices from Toshiba. To find a suitable device, go on a proper website, as help.remotecontrol-express.co.uk. Simply enter the model number of the TV or just the model number of the Toshiba remote control and start the search. You can also buy an original remote control, such as the Toshiba SE-R0343. This does not require any programming to work with your device. Easy to use and a touch is enough to select the programs

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