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Cardin, motorization systems for gates

The company CARDIN ELETTRONICA was founded in 1974 in Italy. The company's headquarters is still located in the same region, near Trevise, where the products are still produced today. Therefore, the company has a strong identity with a view to the future and based on a lot of business experience.

Advanced automation

Cardin has the target to fulfill the high demands of its customers: deliver high quality products and to help to make life easier.

To meet these requirements, the manufacturer has developed systems which are completely self-monitoring and the brand is constantly looking for even simpler solutions to facilitate the operation.

The company pays great attention to the needs of customers and users; they develop new systems and use the latest technology.

The group CARDIN sets its quality standards very high and applicate them at every stage of the production, from conception to the distribution.

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Comfort and safety

CARDIN assures comfort and works without rest to develop even more secure systems.

Safety in the driveway Control: Cardin always uses the latest technology against burglary and against remote control code copies.

Safety in use, all European standards are strictly fulfilled and the network of resellers and installers is continuously formed to provide best service. The Company believes that it has a responsibility for its devices during the entire lifetime of the drives. That’s why the company got these high quality standards.

Advanced technology and respect for the environment

The guideline of the company philosophy progress and environment are playing a major role: progress must be compatible with the respect of the environment, increased comfort and quality must be maintained.

With its overall vision of improving the quality of our life and the desire for compatibility of these claims with nature, Cardin uses only environmentally friendly and recyclable materials in its production steps.


Cardin offers the latest technology, but this is often very discreet, quiet motors running energy-efficient and securely during the opening process.

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