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Advice to secure your home

alarme-maison.jpgAlarm systems are very useful item to discourage thieves and intruders to break into your house. They consist of various elements to function. So, for example, motion sensors, an alarm siren and warning light. Thanks to these functions, the residents of the house and neighbors are warned.


5 tips to protect your home

Protect not only your possessions, but also your family:

- The installation of an alarm system is therefore an effective means to prevent burglary. The system is adapted to your premises and habits. For a simple use of the system, remote controls are often included. These activate or deactivate the alarm system, or may control the closing of doors or windows.

- To close all shutters and windows at night should become a habit. If this is forgotten, burglars have an easy time. Always remember to close everything in order to avoid the worst.

- Avoid signals that nobody is at home. If lights are still on, the burglar may think that someone is still at home. The alarm system can be programmed, so that you control the different motion detectors or select if the siren or only warning light in active. The lighting at home can also be programmed.

- Protect your valuables and store them in a safe.

- Inform your neighbors during long trips, so they can call the police when unusual things are observed in your house.


Choose the right alarm system

The alarm system is available in different models, depending on the requirements (for an apartment, a house or a shop). The number of accessories (detectors) depends on the size of the space to be protected. A kit with external siren is recommended to alert the surroundings. The offer in this case is great. Manufacturers are for example: Diegral, Blyss, Delta Dore, Eden or Somfy. It is important to ensure that the products respect all standards. To increase the safety standard, video cameras can be added. A remote control is important for easy control. Take advantage of the characteristics of the Cardin or Avidsen remotes.

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