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The universal remote control, a good solution to centralize everything

remote-tv-ONE-FOR-ALL-URC-6440.jpegYou have many remote controls, one for the TV, one for the decoder, for the DVD player, for the automatic shutters, etc. It never ends! The time to find the right remote takes too long. However, there is an effective way to reduce the growing number of remotes: the universal remote. Indeed, the universal remote control got a clear advantage; it centralizes on a single point multiple devices.

Code of a Universal remote

There was a time when the research for the right programming code for any electronic device took considerable time, when, at least, there was a way to find one: some remotes only worked for a few brands, and in fact that was no real advantage for the user. But now the universal remotes not only manage all brands, but the codes don’t require specific research. Indeed, you got the automatic search functions on the new remotes. This procedure is specified in the instructions. The standard procedure of programming consists of turning on the concerned device and then selects the corresponding button on the remote (eg DVD player), start the search, and finally memorize.

Programming and features of a universal remote

The programming requires some attention on how to get all the useful functions for the device. If you want to use your universal remote, your TV, Blu-ray and others, it is obvious that you need for each device all the functions required to control them. Take the example of a Blu-ray disc player. Imperative features are play, fast forward, rewind, sound, color, subtitles, etc. Once you have started the auto-programming mode, all the various remote codes will be registered. Furthermore, the choice of your universal remote control should depend on the simplicity of programming and that it is easy in use. Indeed, from one brand to another, ergonomics, intuitiveness is very different. It can be a simple remote with on / off button or it may resemble a scientific calculator. Therefore, ask yourself if the auto programming mode is available for the remote or not b the brand.  As for the number of devices manageable by the remote control, no need to go on too large capacities. Centralize 6 - 8 devices should be enough to control all your sound and light devices.


Philips TVs ... high technology for a better quality of life

philips.jpgPhilips is a company based in the Netherlands that produces various articles to promote well-being. With a turnover of around thirty billion euros in 2012, the company has established itself among the leaders in the production and marketing of electronic devices. Besides electronics, Philips produces appliances, health sector appliances, lighting systems ... The group has thousands of stores in several countries.

Strength of Philips TVs

Philips TVs are part of the company's best-known products. There are TVs for all tastes and all budgets. Philips combines usefulness and pleasure. You will definitely find the TV that allows you to entertain you and that will help to decorate the room in which you install it.

Different Philips TV lines

We distinguish ultra-flat LED Smart TV 3D TVs, TVs with Ambilight function and others. They are TVs easy to use, which present innovative, diverse and varied options. They are also strong and durable.

Remote controls for Philips TVs

Once again, the company respects its credo by adding new innovations to the Philips TV remote. A wide range of Philips TV remote controls is available. These remote controls have very interesting features. They can be used on a variety of audio and video devices. It is even possible to use them on multiple devices simultaneously. This allows you to gain more space. philips remote control have an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use. In addition, it is easy to access multiple websites using them. Philips TV remotes are also sold at very affordable rates and they have a guarantee of several years.


Samsung's secrets: innovation and design

samsung.jpgThe company Samsung is without any doubt a major player in the electronics sector. It is a leader in many activities, especially in electronics for a wide audience.

Innovation from Samsung

Samsung believes a lot in technology and science. This belief allows considerable progress. Research and development are the key words, 10% of their revenues are spent on development. Samsung innovates all electrical appliances and all information technologies. The goal is to push the consumer to choose this brand over another. Innovation therefore requires communication. So, Samsung has expanded its universe to that of appliances, television (for example samsung remote control), telephone, but also to that of products dedicated to data storage such as SSD memory, optical drives and hard drives of course. The Cloud is an innovation whose position and investment is satisfaction. This data is no doubt essential from the point of view of customers.


The design according to Samsung


Samsung has a focus on aesthetics. Therefore, the products must be beautiful and possess very thoughtful design. All the electrical appliances and computers are designed in brushed metal. Each of them has a very nice design. Even the interior of the objects has a thoughtful design. There are a few years; some brands were considered professional and other personal. Now, the pace of life of the consumer causes that he takes his devices to the office and even his professional tools at home. Thus, Samsung decided to create a design capable of embracing each universe. Therefore, there is no longer any limit to the Samsung design. Indeed, buyers are investing in these technologies while seeking to ensure that the Samsung brand will still be able to meet their expectations in several years, and especially that the manufacturer can give them a vision on trends in coming years. Samsung is in constant research and development for aesthetics and perfectionism.


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