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The garage door remote controls of Doitrand

doitrand.jpgDOITRAND is a French company based in the Loire region and it is mainly known for its automatic gate and garage doors. She also sells various swing doors for various applications. The brand also offers the matching high quality remote controls.

Doitrand remotes

DOITRAND, the # 1 French manufacturer for gate motorizations, offers a selection of remote controls to control the gates. In the past DOITRAND has produced only simple classic-styled remotes. The new models are, however, designed very modern. With rounded edges and buttons and they have also greatly improved sending distance. A further advantage is that there are only a few types of remotes and thus the selection is easier. The recently introduced models are the DOITRAND TS2DE and TS2RE and the respective 4-button versions.

How do I program the remote control?

The remote controls for doors of DOITRAND are best quality and are very easy to program and to do this: go in a distance of 1-2 m next to the engine with the new remote. Press both buttons on the new remote control. The LED of the remote lights up, goes out and comes on again. Then release the buttons.

Press again both buttons and wait 10 seconds.

Then press the button you want to use for 5 seconds, release the button and wait for 10 seconds, the programming was successful.


To program the remote control DOITRAND TS2DE with an already programmed remote control or your receiver, you simply look at the position of the DIP-switch and set the DIP-switch on your new remote in the same position.


BFT specialist for motorized gates and garage doors

BFT.jpgThe Italian reseller has finally decided to develop their own products.

BFT places the requirements of the users at forefront of his philosophy and in the center of the production process. Whether for industrial doors or residential garage doors, the company always creates new products, innovative and new and always based on the experiences and feedback from customers and installers.

BFT in some numbers

30 years of experience in the motorization of garage doors and gates

160 employees in Italy

90 employees in foreign branches

20 branches in the world

More than 500 sales points of BFT worldwide

Resellers in 120 countries

BFT is an international company

Since its establishment in Italy, the group has spread on the international market, so through the creation of branches in:











Czech Republic


In all the years the group has built up a large international network of garage door installers and has established itself throughout Europe and the world.

This international presence allows the brand to offer you a customer service in your area.

BFT trains all its resellers and installers in advance so that the client gets always the best service and best quality.

The development of the brand

Since 2004 the company BFT joined group SOMFY, another leader in the field of garage motorizations, so that the company can continuously evolve and develop new technology.

The product range offered by BFT includes engines for different areas: opening and closing of industrial doors, private gates, barriers and bollards, parking systems and barrier systems.

The BFT Design

One of the features of BFT: design. The brand puts a lot of energy into the development of ergonomic and beautiful products. The brand designs products with a uniform design line. The aesthetics here reflects the quality and offers always the latest technology.

Take, for example, the warning lights series ALISEO. With a futuristic appearance they prove that a useful object can also be very beautiful.

The remote controls are quality products

The BFT products are certified and meet all EU standards for safety and quality.

Most of the products of this brand work on 24V. This technique allows a reliable and long use of the system, even with intensive use.

The products are also compliant in accordance with applicable EU environmental directives and company guidelines.

The engines of the brand BFT are also compliant in accordance with the applicable standards in North America.

The BFT remote control

The BFT remote works with a rolling code system. This is an algorithm that generates a new code every time you press a button. This signal is received and accepted by the receiver. This system prevents to copy or clone your signal and makes the door more secure.

The rolling code system is used since 1999 by BFT.

The star of the remote controls for garage doors of the brand BFT is the MITTO remote. Clear and robust, capable to control multiple systems quite comfortably.


CAME manufacturer for door and garage door motors

came.jpgThe undisputed leader in gate motorization in France and one of the main players in Europe, Came benefits from over 35 years of corporate experience. Whether industrial doors or gates for your own home, clients of CAME praise the professionalism and trust in the brand.

You can easily find your matching CAME remote control for your private gate or community garage.

CAME in a few figures

CAME, with its 40 years' experience (the group was founded in 1972 as a small family company in Italy).

The company has installed more than 3 million systems worldwide.

The company is spread over 10 offices in Europe, has 17 branches and more than 350 exclusive partners worldwide. The professional for engines for doors, shutters, etc. is represented in 118 countries worldwide.

Safety and Innovation

Since the company was founded CAME relies on the use and development of advanced materials and manufacturing processes, always caring about the customer and in respect of the environment. The specialists for gates want to combine the technique with the urban and living space.

With more secure products, the group CAME has launched its own security label and performs rigorous testing with its devices, not only based on the European directives but goes further. The focus is on safety.

CAME worldwide

The group is not only presented in Europe, but also in the United States, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The company is known throughout the world and established itself in many countries with very good service and local partners.

CAME recently bought the company Urbaco, a company for urban automated bollards, to grow.

The urban space

CAME got on the one hand, the vision of an automated private gate and on the other hand, it follows a philosophy of living space and architecture. CAMEs reflection on the environment includes all levels, whether individual or collective garages, security and comfort are always in the foreground and the quest for better quality of life.

Therefore, the company expanded its product range:

Garage door and gate motorizations are the heart of the product range

The sale of motorizations for gates remains the main part of the company: garage doors, rolling doors and garage doors for residential customers, industrial gates to complete systems for professionals. Not to mention the accessories of CAME like the remote controls for the gates to control them from distance.

Sun blinds and shutters

The Italian brand also offers a lot of products and engines for sun blinds and shutters. They introduced an innovative system of measuring instruments that control the automatic opening and closing when it rains or during windy periods. The automation of the shutters allows you to personalize the remote. You also have the choice of retractable awnings or cassette awning.

Security and Home Automation

Supervision with the CAME security systems lets you rest easy. The group uses newest technology: touch screen, security system controllable via distance, internet related products...

The touch screen allows you to control every angle of your home from one point, which sensor is active and which one not.

Intercoms and video systems

CAME perfected its product line by offering intercoms and video systems. Some of these devices are real jewels of technology. VIDIO is a monitor with an LCD screen that allows you to open the door from distance. This is your electrical video doorman and this will allow you to store audio messages and to be programmed.

Parking access control

CAME also sells automated systems for parking lots and parking garages. Control of barriers, automatic checkout, printing of receipts. These parking machines meet all the requirements of modern car parks.


The access control with electronic key for pedestrians are also offered by CAME.