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Panasonic TVs

Konosuke MatsushitaKonosuke Matsushita created March 13, 1918 a company for consumer electronics. The company then bears his name: Matsushita and is headquartered in Kadoma in Japan. In 2008, the Japanese company has taken the name Panasonic. It designs its own electronic components that are acclaimed in the market due to their uniqueness, their unparalleled performance and best value. Panasonic TVs got an impressive performance with their deep blacks, their rich colors, their sharp, detailed images.

Range of Panasonic TVs

Panasonic offers plasma televisions which ensure a clean and sublime image, a natural coloring that will honor your Blu-ray movies. Panasonic LED TVs are more efficient. The company uses IPS technology that provides an angle of more consistent vision, better contrast and a more natural color. Vera with the Panasonic TV with multiple USB ports, you will be hyper connected. You can connect your external hard drives, webcams, and even to the Internet, in addition, they guarantee you a great energy saving.

Panasonic Accessories for TV

Among the TVs of the brand, the Panasonic TX-L24C3E has a 24 inch screen, TFT technology, an HDMI port and a memory card reader. This matte color television will be delivered with 2 speakers and a Panasonic remote. The Panasonic TX-L32E, larger 32-inch has a semi-gloss color image is more fluid and the response time of 2ms. It has the same accessories as the first TV but with 3 USB ports, a Viera Remote app, Skype software and optional WiFi and Ethernet connections. Finally, the Panasonic TX-P50VT30E 50-inch has a Plasma and 3D screen, 3D glasses are supplied with this TV. Its response time is much faster, 0.0001ms.


Panasonic Blu-ray players are the best in the market and defy all competition in image, stereo and quality / price ratio.


Hörmann and the remotes

LOGO_HORMANN.jpgOn the market for gate and garage doors for homes and industry, Hörmann has grown to become a leading European supplier. Octogenarian family business, it is synonymous for innovation and "German quality" for decades. Its 27 plants in Europe, North America and Asia are the basis of this success.
You are the proud owner of a signed Hörmann garage door operator? 
Remotecontrol Express offers all the Hörmann remote controls you need.

The remotes for Hörmann

Hörmann remotes have nothing confusing. From 1 to 4 buttons, they perfectly fulfill their functions: open or close the garage door and other more specific functions. They also have the advantage of being ergonomic and easy to handle.

Button color is very important. Indeed, each color of button is related to a special frequency. In other words, you need to choose a model with the identical button color to that of your existing remote control! A model HSE2 blue buttons should not be confused with the gray buttons. Why? One operates on the 868 MHz frequency and the other on the frequency 40 MHz. Another example is the Hörmann HSM4 868Mhz remote blue buttons should not be confused with HSM4 433MHZ remote whose buttons are orange.

As for programming the remotes, it will only take a few seconds. Program your remote according to the instructions which will be provided to you; There are three types of coding:

Registration on the receiver: it is necessary to identify the receiver and all previously programmed transmitters will be deleted.

Self-learning (most cases) you'll place your old remote and your new remote side by side, so that the code can be transmitted from one to the other.

Switches: note the position of the mini-switches (jumpers), paying attention to their numbering. Then enter this code in the new transmitter.

For more brands, find all our remotes on our website!


Remote control for gate

To use your gate remote control, you must first program it on your installation. For obvious reasons of security, the code of your installation is unique and the programming permits to teach the code to the remote control.
There are a lot of programming methods ; Remote-Control Express gives you the manuals of the remote controls that it sells. However there are two manuals that are often used:
•    Coding with switches: the position of the little programmable switches of the receiver gives you the code of the installation. You must put yourself the switches of your remote control in the same position
•    Recording in the receiver: when you push the programming button of the receiver, it is ready to teach its specific code to a new remote control
These two programming methods are very easy and quick to execute.

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